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Scholarship Resources

Jordan High School Counseling Office Scholarship Bulletin

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Additional Scholarship Resources


Seniors - If you are serious about researching colleges or finding money to help finance your college education, you must check out the following list of websites. Some of these sites contain a college search program where you are able to research any college in the nation and narrow your choices. Other sites contain free scholarship searches and information on an incredible number of scholarships available in the public and private sectors. One word of caution... if you are asked to send in an unreasonable amount of money for any of these scholarship opportunities, please refrain from doing so. When you receive information regarding these scholarships, make sure you keep track of the deadlines. Many students have squandered many opportunities due to a late application. Good luck!

CAPPEX  Find scholarship matches from companies such as Coca-Cola, Discover, Intel, and many other national and local organizations


COMMON KNOWLEDGE SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION Educational and scholarship opportunities for students of all levels


COLLEGE ANSWER A free service designed to help students pay for their education


DISABLED WORLD A free website that provides scholarships for students with disabilities


FASTWEB A free database that provides personalized scholarship matches


HIGH SCHOLARSHIP Search website for scholarships by academic grade level

HISPANIC HERITAGE Awards identify, promote and prepare Latino leaders in the classroom and community

HISPANIC SCHOLARSHIP FUND Largest provider of college financial aid for Latino students

LATINO COLLEGE DOLLARS  A website that provides information about scholarships that may not require legal permanent residency

MALDEF A website that provides financial resources for undocumented students. Has a link to several scholarship opportunities.

MERIT AID  A comprehensive directory of merit based and academic scholarships from colleges across the country


SCHOLARSHIP EXPERTS A free scholarship matching service with a database of over 2.4 million scholarships worth $14 billion


UNITED FRIENDS Website with links to scholarship opportunities for foster youth


ZINCH  A free comprehensive website that will match scholarships found marked as applied, and won


IMMIGRANTS RISING Provides extensive list of scholarships for undocumented students